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  • New Law on Digital Financial Assets and Digital Currencies: key innovations in Russia

    The Russian federal law on digital financial assets and digital currencies was signed and published on 31 July 2020 with most of its provisions taking effect on 1 January 2021. The law regulates the arrangements associated with the issuance and circulation of two objects –"digital financial assets" and "digital currencies", introducing, among other things, the following new concepts... Please...

  • WTO issues ruling on Russian sanctions on Ukraine

    On 5 April 2019, a decision of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Panel in “Russia – Measures Concerning Traffic in Transit” (WT/DS512/R) (the Report) was published. The decision related to restrictions imposed by Russia on the flow of traffic in transit from Ukraine.

  • Loan documentation and sanctions Russia: developments at the forefront

    Banks and borrowers active in the Russian loan market have been remarkably adept in dealing with the challenges posed by sanctions and, having been at the forefront of the only major world economy subject to U.S. and EU sanctions, in developing sophisticated contractual protections with respect to sanctions. Indeed, many of the contractual protections developed in the Russian loan market are now...

  • FAQ - Russia’s Data Localisation Law

    What does the new law do? It introduces a requirement for personal data of Russian citizens (individuals) to be processed by data operators who collect such personal data using data centres located in the Russian Federation.

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