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  • INTERPOL and Russia- time for sanctions?

    The Russian Federation is one of INTERPOL’s 190 member countries, which means that it has the privilege of using INTERPOL’s databases to help it track down wanted suspects and convicts for prosecution and sentencing. Along with that privilege comes the obligation to follow INTERPOL’s rules, not the least of which are the requirements that every member country abide by the Universal Declaration...

  • INTERPOL denies Russia’s Red Notice request for William Browder

    The CCF’s Decision - According to a press release issued by the William Browder camp today, INTERPOL has decided -again- to reject Russia’s request to list him as a wanted suspect in INTERPOL’s databases. This means that the CCF (Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’S Files) considered Russia’s request to have Mr. Browder listed as an internationally wanted fugitive in INTERPOL’s...

  • INTERPOL’s review of William Browder’s case

    It would seem to all observers of the William Browder case that INTERPOL’s most recent consideration of Russia’s request to issue a Red Notice against Mr. Browder would result in a swift denial, that has not happened.

  • The Effect of Russia's Court System(s) on INTERPOL

    In the last post, I discussed the endemic corruption in Russia's courts and the need for INTERPOL's heightened scrutiny of Russia's Red Notice requests. Today's focus is on the reason that some litigants fare much worse than others in Russia's courts, and how that affects INTERPOL.

  • Why Russia's corruption problem is also INTERPOL's problem

    INTERPOL has received improper requests for Red Notices from Russia in the past, and all current indicators point to a worsening of the situation rather than an improvement.

  • INTERPOL on Russia's William Browder Request: No change

    As was discussed last Thursday, Russian officials publicly reported that INTERPOL was considering Russia's third request to provide assistance in locating and apprehending William Browder.

  • Russia requests that INTERPOL issue a Red Notice for William Browder again

    Russia's preoccupation with obtaining a Red Notice against William Browder continues. I first addressed this issue here. For those who haven't followed the case, William Browder is the chief executive officer and co-founder of the investment fund Hermitage Capital Management, and a noted critic of Vladimir Putin. When his attorney, Sergei Magnitsky, allegedly uncovered and reported a massive...

  • INTERPOL's latest decision on William Browder- no Red Notice

    The issue of Russia's request for INTERPOL's help in locating William Browder was previously covered here. Mr. Browder sought the removal of his data from INTERPOL's files, and his request was granted. Since that time, Russia's interest in Mr. Browder has continued, and earlier this week, Russia requested a Red Notice in Mr. Browder's name.

  • INTERPOL's decision to remove William Browder's data from its files - what's usual about it, and what's not

    Last week, INTERPOL immediately announced its decision to remove investment banker William Browder from its databases, thereby denying Russia's request to keep Browder's information in circulation between its 190 member countries.

  • Red Notices and Russia - Why the raid on Amnesty International's offices matters

    The offices of Amnesty International in Russia were recently raided as part of an "audit," as reported in the New York Times by David Herszenhorn and Andrew Roth, here. Amnesty International is a leading non-governmental organization (NGOs) that provides in-depth and ongoing reports and information on the status of various human rights issues in countries around the world.

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