• Another Pill to Swallow. Takeover Defenses in Russia and the EU - a cross-border analysis

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Dr. Elena Demidova holds European Master degree in Law and Economics from Universities of Manchester, Bologna and Rotterdam and Master & PhD in Economics from State University of Economics and Finance in St. Petersburg. She was awarded a number of scholarships from European Commission, Federal Chancellor of Germany, Swiss Government and others)


In light of the recent boom of hostile takeovers in Russia, a reform of takeover regulation in G8 member requires special attention. The book sheds light upon the development of market for corporate control in Russia. It leads us through the most recent developments in Russian corporate legislation, revealing answers on such questions as: why hostile takeovers in Russia differ from hostile takeovers in European countries and what was the impetus for reform of takeover regulation in Russia. It shows how the mechanism of anti-takeover defenses can remedy current problem on the Russian market for corporate control and concludes with recommendations to Russian managers on application of different defenses. This book is the first attempt to scrutinize anti-takeover defenses deployed in Russia from both a legal and an economic perspective. It discusses applicability of European takeover regulation to Russian corporate law, anticipates possible difficulties in this process and explains why Russia switched from initial borrowing of the US corporate legislation to the regulation of the EU. The author provides insight into specifics of Russian business culture throughout the whole research.

MATERIAS: takeover directive, takeover defences, Russia, Cost-benefit Analysis, European takeover regulation, law and economics